15 responses to “Noduri, Knots

  1. Incredible! Just wow!!! Thank you for showing me another reason why I need to grow my hair long again after a butcher chopped my hair off. I WILL grow it again! I want braids!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I know. You get to a certain point and you just cannot stand it. *sigh* Over the summer my hair was growing and it looked great. Then I couldn’t stand it, gott it cut NICE and then when I went to get a TRIM I was butchered. I cannot stand the way I look right now, which is a huge lesson in humility. I am presently looking for another hair stylist. I put in a complaint (A BIG ONE) and no one even bothered to get a hold of me. Nope. I will not deal with a company that doens’t even care. I am getting references to go elsewhere. I hope I have patience this time around. Grrrrrr ….. xx Amy

  2. Quelle agilité et dextérité de l’art capillaire qui donne une agréable sensation oculaire!
    Cette couture des tresses lacées et entrelacées est une merveille pour la tête de la femme. Elle ajoute une dose de beauté au visage…Very Good, Miss!

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