21 responses to “Look de vara

  1. How I do LOVE braids. When I was younger with longer hair, I was SO into French braiding my hair. It felt wonderful and sexy and FUN. Thank you for this post that in turn led me down memory lane. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Oo, you surprise me with this comment. I thought just women with long hair like braids. Beautiful memories. Have a nice evening sweet Amy.

      • I used to have LONG hair, Sweetie, down to the middle of my back. I had beautiful tresses. As I aged, um, yes true, my hair got thinner, that, and the long hair made me look “old”. It pulled my face down. So now I have short hair to keep the youthful look as much as possible. You have a wonderful weekend. Love, Amy

        • Of, don’t regret, yo’re young in your soul. And everything you offer us: thoughts and wise lyrics and beautiful flowers look youthful soul.
          So you have a great weekend .
          I appreciate you.

  2. So gorgeous.. I will send this one via email to myself and will have to ask a friend to try it with me as I am a long haired gal!…

    Best wishes ❤

    Aquileana 😀

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